Marcus Hiles is a man who believes in actions rather than words. He is passionate about the environment and this is clearly reflected in his extraordinary property developments.It is his vision and belief in sustainable construction that runs through the core of these developments. And nowhere is this better seen than at the Mansions at Stone Hill, an exclusive experience that meets the highest expectations of innovative living whilst re-defining modern living in America. The location is set amongst scenic park and forest lands, littered with outdoor activities and some of America’s finest golf courses.  The resort features a stunning collaboration between architects and interior designers in a members-only community filled with people who share the same exquisite taste and passion for luxury living.

The design features of the building are nothing short of spectacular, combining the modern and chic with traditional and classic tastes. All the entrance lobbies are floored with the finest Italian marbles, and the kitchens and bathrooms surfaced with luxury work-surfaces. The appliances are all stainless steel and state of the art Whirlpool design, and the kitchen backsplashes made from real porcelain. It is difficult to design a more sleekly furnished home yourself. The ceilings are high and the carpets soft to give a spacious yet intimate environment for your home. Marcus Hiles, Real Estate, really knows how to create a superb family ambience.

Creating a sense of community is also hugely important for Marcus Hiles. So, integral to every community they develop, is a large social room to watch sports or host community-based events. The large private swimming pool is exclusive to residents and  sits beside a 24-hour fitness center.

A meticulous attention to detail, a strong sense of community, and a commitment to do all it possibly can to reduce any negative environmental impact on the Texan countryside, are the key constituents for any Western Rim Property development. And its latest residential community project, Mansions at Stone Hill, has once again demonstrated why the company is currently one of the most exciting property developers in the United States.

With a blend of natural scenic beauty and close proximity to urban centres, the elegant and stylish town-houses are the perfect choice for both young urban professionals as well as established families. With such properties being eagerly sought by aspirational families, it is no wonder that growth is continuous for Marcus Hiles.

Marcus Hiles, Real Estate Guru

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