Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, recently highlighted some tactics his firm takes to create ecologically compliant and energy efficient homes, and some measures inhabitants can take to further this. An individual’s carbon footprint is the highest as a result of the unnecessary use in gas, power, water and waste disposal. In fact, for a standard American, warming and cooling needs utilize nearly half of carbon releases. To curtail these toxins, every Western Rim property uses three basic strategies: powerful insulation, Energy Star rated systems, and programmable thermostats with multiple options to set different temperatures for some rooms. Additional weather stripping and the blocking of draughts positively offer a greater protection from the elements, and increase a home’s ability to keep a steady climate. Making use of a thermostat to separate rooms into warmer or cooler zones and avoiding usage when away leads to higher energy savings.

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Marcus Hiles On Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions

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